We are Bright Leads Media

Our team helped generate over $2 Million USD in sales for our clients over the last 6 months of 2019 alone.


 How did we do it?

We did that by garnering the power of Social Selling on LinkedIn and an effective cold email strategy.

The combination of these two sales channels is dangerous, if dangerous here means explosive growth.

Let’s talk about our services in more detail:

1. B2B Lead Generation

Let’s say your business has a sales department, you wouldn’t want them to spend most of their time prospecting and analyzing different databases online. The best way for a sales team to do what they do best is to spend their time closing deals. Which means you’ll need a consistent stream of leads.

And how do you get leads? By spending time prospecting, and that’s something we do really, really well. Don’t worry about having your sales folks waste their time prospecting because that’s what we do best. 

We send hundreds of qualified and sales-ready leads per month to our clients, who in turn, finish the job by closing the deals. 

2. B2B Appointment Setting

This option is best for agencies and businesses that do not have a sales team and would like to use our services to book sales appointments on their behalf. Which is the extra step we take keep your pipeline full and your calendar busy with sales calls.

In any given month, we can schedule 10 to 100 appointments depending on your capacity. 

SDR Outsourcing

  We have a system in place where we hire and train the best sales development representatives.

The difference between an SDR and a sales person is the fact that an SDR can do both prospecting and closing. 

If you want to have a dedicated SDR that’s both well trained and has the necessary experience to grow your business, then you’ve come to the right place. 

At BLM, you can hire a full time SDR for the fraction of the price it would take to go through the hiring, training, overhead and other unnecessary costs linked to have an in-house sales development representative. 

We do all the heavy-lifting so you can focus on growing your business.