B2B Lead Generation Best Practices in 2020 and Beyond!

Whether you call it Account-Based Selling or B2B Lead Generation that doesn’t rely on running ads. This marketing channel works when done right.

When trying to land an account, especially if it’s a big one. You’ll have to use a multitude of strategies and best practices that will help you land those sought after deals.

Here’s a list of best practices that will help your business grow in 2020 (no matter how hard that might seem at the moment).

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is a must-have tool along with its undeniably useful Sales Navigator. According to the latest data,  you basically have access to more than 500 million users on LinkedIn. With more than 250 million monthly active users. 

Sales Navigator is a tool that helps you reach millions and millions of leads whether you’re trying to sell computer equipment or marketing services. Whatever it is that you’re trying to sell LinkedIn sales Navigator will definitely have your target audience in there. Especially if you are in the B2B space. 

Let’s, for example, say that you are running an email marketing agency that works with e-commerce businesses. One of the best places to start looking is LinkedIn because it has a lot of data about e-commerce stores what they’re selling. Especially if you’re trying to target high volume and bigger companies. And not just small and beginner e-commerce store owners.

Cold emails

Cold emails work like a charm only if done right. We’re talking about knowing the number of emails that you’re supposed to send and to who you’re sending and not just blasting emails to thousands of people that you don’t know. 

The way we do things at Bright Leads Media is we collect data about potential customers who might need our service. We collect their names, their emails, their positions, and we even try to find if they are active on LinkedIn and other social networks, and then we try to talk to them based on something they’ve shared recently like a problem or an issue. We subsequently present a solution to that problem. 

Gone are the days of blasting hundreds or thousands of emails to lists that you buy off of the internet. What we do bright leads media is to collect data, that’s accurate and targeted, and not just email anybody out there. 

You have to know who you’re emailing. For example, when trying to target pharmacy owners then you’ll have to collect data on LinkedIn. People who own pharmacies or work in pharmacies and then talk to them about their specific problems and not just the blast them with anything. 

As another example, If you’re selling SEO, you want to talk to your prospective clients about their websites.  See if their ranking well or not or if you’re trying to sell a software program that’s going to help them manage their inventory. You want to tell them about how your solution is better than whatever they’re using because it offers this and that feature, it’s also cheaper than the application they’re using right now.

There are a lot more examples out there. There are people who were able to literally generate millions of dollars using cold emails because they knew exactly what to write to those people. Most importantly, they knew how to get their attention.


    Personalization is a must. You have to personalize your messages, whether it’s on LinkedIn or on cold email. You have to address the person by their first name, that dramatically increases the likelihood of them answering you or even taking the time to read your email.

    You can use the first email in a subject line of the email or in the body of the email. That doesn’t matter. The most important part is you have Identify who you’re talking to.

    It’s not all about names here either, you have to gather as much information about the person or the company you’re trying to target. 

    That’s why we work on the customer avatar every time we start working with a new client. The customer avatar includes information like names, age, revenue, title and even hobbies. Job titles are very important. That’s why we look at all this information, which will help us in crafting the right message to our prospects.

    The gist of this is that you have to know who you’re addressing in your emails and have as much information about them as possible. Especially when it comes to the product or service that you’re selling and whether it’s going to help them with a certain problem that they’re having.

    Quality Over Quantity

    No matter what industry you’re working with, you have to limit the number of emails that you’re sending. That’s because It doesn’t help if you send 500 emails a day. What matters here is the quality. 

    Are the people you’re emailing or messaging going to get back to you? Are you going to be able to reach out to them and be able to actually get them to read your e-mails and respond to you? That’s the question here. 

    Sending 10 super-targeted emails every day will probably result in higher open rates, more responses than 500 or 1000 lousy non-targeted emails. The more details you pay attention to here, the better the results you’ll get. 

    Do You Solve a Problem?

    The most important strategy is this:

    Does your product or service solve a specific pain point for your client? Again, this is the most important strategy. Does your product or service solve that problem or not? Does your inventory software for pharmacies solve the day-to-day issues pharmacists have to deal with? Like printing invoices, keeping track of what’s left in every medicine they sell?  Is it cheaper than other pieces of software out there? 

    Whatever it is, if you solve the problem for your client, everything else doesn’t matter. when you solve a problem that means you’ll be able to sell your product very easily. 

    I really hope this list of best practices helps you create a better strategy for 2020 and Beyond because it all comes down to being able to help your prospective client. 

    Does your product or service solve a problem? If you can answer this question, then you’ll be able to sell without any issues. 

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