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Email Case Study: 10% more revenue!

Bright Leads Media is a digital marketing agency registered as a business in the state of Delaware. We sign a confidentiality agreement with all our clients. These case studies are here to show you what we were able to achieve with our own websites. we will be adding more case studies from our clients in the near future.

We all know how email marketing is very important to your business, the industry average is that for every dollar you spend, you make $44 back. That’s a huge return on investment obviously. But how do you make it happen?

Have you sent emails only to find out that you got a mediocre 5% open rate? and no sales?

Well, what we do here usually gets us a solid 15% open rates on broadcast emails (a lot of our broadcast campaigns get open rates as high as 30%)

The end results of this case study:

10% Increase in sales from one abandoned cart sequence.

We reached out to a friend of ours who was doing some good numbers selling pet supplies on Facebook ads, he quickly reached $10k per day in gross revenue.

He was doing really well for someone who was just starting out. We wanted to showcase to him the importance of using email to recover abandoned cart shoppers, plus be able to reach customers through email for various promos or sales that he can run.

We decided to setup everything for our friend for free, we agreed on getting paid per commission after the first month though.

Here’s what we did. We saw that all he was focused on was running ads to bring immediate sales. He made a few creatives (mostly videos), and ran ads, he did run retargeting ads to bring back more people to his website. Which helped lower the CPO rates.

What we did:

We immediately setup an abandoned cart sequence, with not one, not two, but 12 emails. The first email was a gentle reminder to ask the shoppers to come back and finish their shopping. In case they got distracted or forgot.

The second email was another reminder with a call to action: tell us why you left? Why did you leave and not finish your purchase? Is it something we did?

The question format does push people to either respond (we got a lot of feedback, good and bad) and we did get a lot of recovered abandoned carts from the second email.

The thirst email was about giving that extra push to the person. We offered a discount and free shipping, the combination of these two does wonders. If they were worried about shipping costs and time, we immediately relieved that concern with free shipping, and we added a small discount to make them even more interested in coming back to finish their purchase.

The 4th email is part of our nurturing sequence, whether they bought or not, they keep getting emails that not are related to sales. We send blog updates, news or anything related to the niche. Some emails are just silly where we send funny videos.

What Happened Then?


The pet supply store that was making about $10k per day in its hayday, all from Facebook ads, started bringing in an extra $2k a day just from email. The Cost per purchase for every sale that comes from email is much lower than that of Facebook. With Facebook, you have to subtract the cost of ads, but with emails, you can cut that cost entirely, plus you can email those customers again and again again.

Ultimately bringing your customer life time value higher and higher.

The open rates and click rates on the emails were not the best, but we managed to test a few that worked with the pet niche, emojis on subject lines for the win!

BTW, this is one of our early clients, and we have since moved on to bigger and better things. We improved our testing system and we now have data that helps us choose the best converting subject lines and email templates.

Stay tuned for more case studies. We do our best to write as many of these as we can,

Hassan Aanbar
Founder at Bright Leads Media, Inc.

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