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How Did We Generate $2 Million Dollars in Sales for our Clients? (2019)

2019 was an epic year, both for us and for our clients. Between the months of May and November of 2019, our team managed to shatter sales records.

Here’s how we helped 5 clients generate more than $2 Million dollars in the span of 6 months.

The process is the same for all clients we onboard, we go through a series of discovery calls to uncover who their customer avatar is, to learn more about their product or service.

In this case, we worked mainly with digital marketing agencies who were looking to sign more clients. They offered services ranging from SEO to Google Ads management and one agency that offered content marketing for Saas companies.

The basis is knowing who to serve.

In order to decide on the customer avatar, the discovery call has a number of questions related to the perfect client.

Some agencies prefer working with small businesses (Restaurants, hotels, real estate companies..etc) and others only want to work with medium and large corporations in specific industries (the likes of Intel and Starbucks…etc).

The difference between working with small businesses and large corporations comes down to how much work you can handle and how effective it is.

Small businesses usually require a lot less time and effort, you can manage their ad campaigns for a few hours a week. But when you’re working on a content calendar for a big company, you’ll probably need more experienced staff and a more hands-on approach.

All in all, the most important thing here is the results of your work and the impact it will have on your client as a marketing agency.

This part of the process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how complicated the service or product that’s being offered.

Data Collection

Later on, we start collecting data on the many sources we have. Our go-to source is obviously LinkedIn. We require an active Sales Navigator account for every new client we sign.

The reason for that is the amount of data that LinkedIn has, you can find just about anyone on any company on the face of the earth.

What you get by paying $80 USD a month is access to a massive database of decision-makers all over the world. 

Compare that to how much a single database of decision-makers in the e-commerce industry costs- You won’t be able to guess how much, whatever you guess is, it’s more than that.

But we don’t actually rely on LinkedIn alone for our leads. We use free directories and even paid ones sometimes when we deal with a client that works in an obscure niche.

Depending on the number of leads each client requires, this part of the process could take weeks of ongoing work from our team.

Some clients can handle up to 100 leads a week while smaller agencies are happy with 5 qualified leads per week.

Qualifying the Leads

This next phase is the most important part. It’s where we dissect the leads we collect. Here’s an example that makes the process easier to understand:

One client sells content marketing to software-as-a-service companies. All Saas companies need content to market their products, from well-written case studies to blog posts and various marketing materials.

Whether they need scripts for marketing videos or just text, content is a necessity.

Any startup that’s at the Go-To-Market stage, is a very good target for our client. 

So when qualifying leads, we wouldn’t just be looking at startups, we have to get fresh and up-to-date information about the latest startups.

LinkedIn might not the best source of information here, so we have to think outside the box and try to find sources of startup data. One Google search away is Techcrunch, where they send newsletters about the latest happenings in the startup ecosystem.

Two weeks later and we have gathered information about a few startups that are ready to go to market and will absolutely need a content marketing strategy to start selling their products.

This one example highlights how accurate information is vital, you don’t want to send random cold emails or messages on LinkedIn without knowing if the prospect actually has a need for what you sell.

Outreach Process

At this stage, we start crafting messages that we will be sending to our prospects. The key to a successful campaign here is personalization.

Sending one template to all your prospects without adding some personalization means that most of your messages will be ignored.

You have to know the prospect’s name, position, check their recent activity (if any) and speak directly to them about their problem.

For instance, when addressing a marketing exec, you wouldn’t want to talk to them about management issues, but rather marketing and growth issues.

We do this by using a few tools like Mailshake for cold emails, or LinkedIn InMail messages. They allow for personalization of names, specific parts of your emails, and most importantly, tracking.

Tracking is an absolute necessity when sending cold emails, you must know if your emails are being opened. If they’re being read or not, if there’s any engagement whatsoever, otherwise, how would you know if what you’re sending is working correctly?

That’s why we don’t send the same template to all our initial list, we test a few templates, see if they’re getting us the desired results. If not, we move on and test another template.

We typically send 50 to 100 emails for each test, if it works, we send the winning template to the rest of the leads.

This process helps us maximize results. 

Lastly: Follow up, follow up, follow up:

The last part for us here to is make sure our prospects read our emails and respond positively.

We typically aim for a 20% open rate on our first emails, and about a 10% response rate.

When we don’t achieve those results, we schedule a few more automated emails to those who opened but not responded to our emails. 

You can create such elaborate automated sequences on tools like Mailshake or GMass, both of which are very affordable (less than $20 a month per user).


That’s how we were able to get our 5 clients each an average of $400k in revenue in less than 6 months.

There is nothing magic or secret about this process, instead of just blasting lists of untargeted prospects. We take the time to research and find people and companies who absolutely need our clients’ services or products.

Your business can also benefit from our process. 

If you want to grow your business and increase your revenue, let us handle prospecting and outreach on your behalf.

You will be amazed at what we can achieve if we work together.

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