Digital Marketing from 0 traffic to 80k per month

Bright Leads Media has been in the SEO game for a while now, but we like to say that we have taken on our most exciting project yet. We were the brains behind this one ecommerce store’s skyrocketing growth from 0 to more than 80,000 unique visitors per month!

It all started when their previous marketing team was struggling with getting any traction.

They had tried everything (blogs about how to use their product line, reviews of competitors products) and nothing seemed to work.

A few clicks later they found us online and reached out for some marketing help. We suggested reshaping their content strategy with other basic SEO principles.

The strategy was simple, it involved getting the site optimized for the search engines, then moving on to building links.

But before we could do that, we had to fix the site from a technical point of view, very few people know how to do that, and we’re extremely proud of how advanced our team is when fixing these issues.

Right after getting the site fixed, we made sure that it was optimized with plenty of high quality content, including blog posts about what it’s like using this type of products in different industries (elder care facilities for example).

The results?

In just 5 months we were able grow them from 0 visitors per month up over 80k!

And now our client is looking at more than doubling those numbers by next year thanks largely to marketing strategy changes Bright Leads Media helped make happen.

Another important task we worked on was identifying the right keywords to target for their products.

We did this by looking at what their competitors were doing and then we made sure that the client was targeting those same keywords.

The result?

A steady increase in organic traffic to more than double of where they had been before!

And with the right keywords in place, we were able to create a more focused marketing strategy that helped them get even better results.

We started by looking at what their customers are searching for and then created content around those topics (instead of just writing about whatever they wanted).

The store was on Shopify, that made our job a tad bit harder to achieve, mostly because doing a simple fix required involving a programmer, and the more hours those guys spent on the site, the more expensive it got.

Luckily, with the experience we have, we didn’t really have to guess. We’ve seen these cases before and knew exactly what to fix,

an example: setting canonical tags, on WordPress is just a matter of installing a plugin and getting it done within a few minutes. But on Shopify, it involved digging into the code to set the right canonical.

We also knew that the store had to be mobile-friendly, and we set up a few redirects so they could have an easier time with their SEO. And since this was for one of our favorite clients (we’ve been working together on other projects), it didn’t really feel like work at all!

The results were instant: within just two weeks after implementing everything mentioned above into place – including some content marketing strategies such as guest blogging in related industries or creating infographics about topics relevant t what customers are searching fo r–the site’s traffic increased by more than 80%. The client is thrilled because now he has enough revenue coming from his website alone without having any employees running ads online 24/hrs per day…

What did SEO do to the bottom line of this store?

The client’s revenue increased by more than 80% in just two weeks.

What does this mean for the future? The sky is literally not even close to being a limit! This store has been able, with our help and expertise (and some hard work on their end), take themselves from 0 visitors per month all of sudden up into an incredible amount that they couldn’t have imagined before… And we’re excited about what else will happen next as well because there are so many opportunities out here waiting to be explored – it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done SEO or marketing at any point ever: Bright Leads Media can get your business where YOU want them too go without breaking much sweat 😉

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