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Pinterest Case Study and Popular Niches list

Bright Leads Media is a digital marketing agency registered as a business in the state of Delaware. We sign a confidentiality agreement with all our clients. These case studies are here to show you what we were able to achieve with our own websites. we will be adding more case studies from our clients in the near future.


Pinterest was somewhat unknown back in 2015, but for the few who stumbled upon it, it drove literally 100’s of thousands of visitors every day to their blogs and ecommerce stores.

I found out it could drive huge amounts of traffic to any website (as long as you’re in the right niche) in late 2016. I jumped right on and learned how I could do the same with my blogs.

Granted, it wasn’t going to be easy, and it wasn’t going to be quick, but with everything in life, you just have to take it on step at a time. I started with:

Step 1:

I had to pick the right niche, because Pinterest’s demographics are limited to mostly women of a certain age, therefore their interests are sort of limited. For instance, you can’t build a website about gaming or fixing TV’s and expect it to bring lots of traffic from Pinterest.

Here’s a glimpse about Pinterest demographics from

81% of Pinterest users are actually Females. 40% of New Signups are Men; 
60% New Signups are Women. 
Men account for only 7% of total pins on Pinterest. 
The median age of a Pinterest user is 40, 
however, the majority of active pinners are below 40.

The list of niches where you can build a website and bring loads of traffic from Pinterest are as follow:

  1. Home Decor- 60.5 Million Followers

2. Art- 54 Million Followers

3. Travel- 52 Million Followers

4. Photography- 47.1 Million Followers

5. DIY & Crafts- 45 Million Followers

6. Design- 44 Million Followers

7. Technology- 38 Million Followers

8. Quotes- 35 Million Followers

9. Food & Drink- 31 Million Followers

10. Humor- 29 Million Followers

11. Gardening- 27.2 Million Followers

12. Tattoos- 27 Million Followers

13. Animals- 25 Million Followers

14. Education- 24 Million Followers

15. Hair & Beauty- 21 Million Followers

16. Health & Fitness- 21 Million Followers

17. Architecture- 20 Million Followers

18. History- 20 Million Followers

19. Celebrities 16.5 Million Followers

20. Kids & Parenting- 14 Million Followers

21. Men’s Fashion- 11.1 Million Followers

22. Weddings- 10.2 Million Followers

23. Geek- 6.9 Million Followers

24. Women’s Fashion- 5.8 Million Followers

25. Birthdays- 4.8 Million Followers

26. Christmas- 4.7 Million Followers

27. Outdoors- 4.4 Million Followers

Step 2:

I chose my niche and decided it was going to be in the travel niche, here my hope was to get a website that ranks high on Google for some SEO traffic in addition to Pinterest traffic.

What I didn’t account for was how competitive the travel niche is on the SEO side of things. But that didn’t stop me from building the website(s), emphasis on the S as I set to build not one, not two, not three but FIVE websites in the travel niche. Pretty dumb move from my end if you look at it. I put all my money and effort on one niche.

Things did go well on the Pinterest side though, the travel niche is alive and thriving on Pinterest, and it drove hordes of traffic to my blogs.


I built one website specifically about the country of Italy as a travel destination, my writing team wrote a number of super detailed travel guides with so many details about each city/attraction.

Step 3:

The downside of Pinterest is you have to have a LOT of articles and useful posts on your blog in order to drive larger numbers of visitors. The more you pin, the more you share, the more you get. It’s all a numbers game.

So 8 writers later, 50 articles and pins were created and traffic started to come, not the numbers we wanted initially, but we know how organic traffic usually works. You have to lay the foundation, and wait for the results to come.

Thankfully, it’s not all about building and waiting, there are things you can do to bring even more traffic.

Step 4:

The tactics we used to bring in more targeted traffic to our pins were the following:

  1. We researched hashtags that are trending for our particular niche to be used in every pin/board that we create.
  2. We joined group boards in our niche. You just have to be patient with this step, because you have to kindly ask if they can let you in, here’s the place to find ALL the group boards on Pinterest:
  3. We paid for a plus account on Tailwind, which gives you access to a number of tools that are super helpful

Tailwind gives you 3 tools:

A pin scheduler

Tailwind Tribes: Which is the equivalent to Pinterest group boards, but on steroids.

Smartloops: you have to pin again and again, even the same pins. Smart loops allows you to put it on the schedule once and have it repin automatically every few days, few weeks or every month. Thus solving the problem to doing work again and again. Yaaaay for automation.

Tailwind helped us automated a lot of boring and repetitive tasks, which made the $30 per month Tribes plus subscription well worth it.

The results after 12 months, thousands of pins and hundreds of articles (456 articles to be exact)

a sustainable traffic source with high value visitors coming in every day to our websites:

What do we do with this free organic traffic?

We run multiple streams of income on the sites, from basic Adsense, to affiliate programs. Sometimes we sell banner ad space to interested advertisers as well.

Ask us how we can do the same for you!


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