Email Marketing

 The first time I (Hassan Aanbar) ever got a paying gig after a few of my websites crumbled and stopped bringing in traffic in 2014, I decided it would be in the email marketing realm. 


Simply because it is the fastest way to generate an income if you’re selling something. I used to exclusively work with digital products companies (affiliates mostly selling ebooks and training programs), and I helped them generate a lot of additional income using email.

I’ve never really considered how big of an impact email marketing would make in the ecommerce space. But then Bright Leads Media took on its first big client in late 2016, an ecommerce store making well over $200k a month in sales, they didn’t have a decent email marketing strategy setup, so we stepped in to help them set it up.


What Happened Then?

 The sales the store was generating were coming mainly from Facebook Ads, Native Ads and Pinterest Ads.  They were generating $200k on average every month.

The big mistake they were making is that they didn’t collect emails so they can reach their subscribers, the biggest mistake was even worse, they didn’t even run abandoned cart sequences to recover a percentage of sales. 


Imagine my frustration when I find out that they were leaving money on the table, I know it sounds cliche, but it just hurts me when a store doesn’t utilize all the available technology to increase revenue.

It’s like literally sleeping on a bed that’s filled with cash, and not knowing it. 

Long story short, the $200k monthly average turned into $280k every month, around the holiday season, the numbers nearly doubled.  

How did we do it?

We don’t do anything magic here, if you’re not setting up a proper email marketing strategy, you’re losing customers, you’re losing money and you’re (again) leaving money on the table.

We setup the necessary sequences like abandoned carts, we build a rapport with your customer and follower base using email. 

As of late 2017, we started using more of an omnichannel approach, adding Facebook Messenger, SMS, Push Notifications and all possible ways to reach your customers. 

No need to worry though, none of these technologies are obtrusive and in most cases, we don’t utilize all of them. 

For example, in a vertical like pets, most owners are adults with disposable income, and they tend to respond better to email than to Push notifications for instance. So in this case we utilize channels the target audience will respond to, and not a combination of all of them.


FYI: Sales coming from email subscribers bring in more profit, since you’re not paying for ads to bring in the sale. One customer can contacted time and time again, increasing the lifetime value of that customer.

How long does it take to setup everything?

Depending on how many stores you have, but on average, we can set everything up in under 3 weeks. From all set sequences like post purchase, order confirmations and abandoned carts.

All our clients see an increase of about 15% to 20% in revenue after we set their email marketing campaigns for them.

How can I get in touch with you?

Please schedule a call using the form below, you can also email us at or by phone at +1 (302) 261 9115